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6 Fun Facts About Wood Floors

June 24, 2020

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Wood flooring has many benefits, including its beauty and real estate value. If you’ve lived with carpets, linoleum, tile, or other flooring surfaces for many years, you might wonder the benefit of switching to hardwood floors or feel curious about them. Check out these fun facts about hardwood floors. 

    1. No two floors are exactly alike. If you’re using real hardwood, that means real trees. No two trees are the same, meaning floors will come in a variety of colors, grain patterns, and textures. The beauty of that is why many love such flooring. 
    2. The hardness of a wood is measured by the Janka hardness test. The test measures the amount of force needed to embed a steel ball halfway into the wood. Many trees make durable floors; often scratches you see are in the finish, not the wood itself. A wood called Quebracho is one of the heaviest and hardest in the world. Its name derives from Spanish for “ax breaker.” Oak, maple, cherry, and ash are durable choices. 
    3. Wood floors can improve indoor air quality. People who suffer from allergies and asthma may feel better in homes with wood flooring. Carpets collect a lot of allergens, pollen, dust, and dust mites that cannot be removed no matter how often you vacuum. Wood floors are easier to clean and dust. 
    4. Pre-finished wood floors can last nearly a lifetime. Today’s warranties for pre-finished solid wood floors may be up to 50 years — but with proper care, a wood floor can last far longer. 
    5. Flooring will change color over time. Exposure to sunlight will change the wood’s tone over time. Some tree wood will turn yellow, while others become darker. Your finish will protect your floors from this change but ask about it when shopping for new hardwood flooring. 
    6. Wood floors are a greener choice. Creating such floors does not generate methane or nitrous oxide emissions. By choosing locally sourced woods, you can reduce the carbon footprint needed to ship it to your home. 

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