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What Kind of Flooring Should I Choose for My Stairs

October 20, 2020

When buying or building a house, one of the first things you’ll think about is the flooring that will run throughout the home. The options are endless with hardwoods, linoleum, tile, carpet, and more. Your flooring choice is a big decision and can determine the style, vibe, and value of the entire home. But something that most two-plus story home-buyers and home-builders don’t immediately think of is their staircase and how to cover it. Luckily, there are several options that we recommend for your stairs. 


If you have already decided on hardwood flooring for your home, the simplest option is to continue that look with hardwood stairs. This look is timeless, and you can always add to it later. While most people choose to match their stairs’ wood color to their floors, you can also pair complementary colors for a different design. Along with functionality and simplicity, a hardwood staircase that is well taken care of can add value to your home. If you are unsure, you can’t go wrong with a hardwood staircase because you can cover it with carpet or a runner later. 


Fully carpeted stairs are a useful option for stairs that might not be visually pleasing. The carpeting can conceal old, dirty, or dated stairs and give them a fresh new look. Another benefit of carpeting on stairs is traction and safety. Older adults and small children may find the soft padding of carpeting easy to navigate, and it will cushion a fall much better than hardwoods. Along with the safety aspect, the padding of carpeting reduces noises. Think about who will be using your stairs the most and their mobility level when considering this option. 

Carpet Runners

Carpet runners are a fantastic option that combines the timeless look of hardwoods with a carpeted staircase’s style and comfort. You’ll often see photos of intricate carpet runners on grand staircases in beautifully decorated homes. This style is sought after and considered a classic, but carpet runners can look great in today’s homes as well, elevating your home’s look. Just like full carpeting, carpet runners will muffle the sound of footsteps, keeping noise levels to a minimum and provides a softer step for those who need it.  

Now that you have read about the staircase flooring options we recommend at 12th and Oak, we hope your decision is a little easier. If you have any questions about hardwood flooring, contact us.