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Six Options for Hardwood Floors

November 5, 2020

Here at 12th & Oak, we offer a variety of options for flooring in your home. The kind of flooring you choose depends on your lifestyle, family size, and specific needs. The choice is yours, but we are here to give our best recommendations for your style and budget needs. In this post, we will go over the six different kinds of flooring we offer and how they might work for you. 

1. Pre-Finished Solid 

Pre-Finished Solid wood flooring is one of our most popular choices. After all, it’s natural wood and can last for decades. It comes in a variety of widths and finishes. This flooring can be used anywhere above ground, so it’s perfect for every room except the basement. Plus, you can walk on your pre-finished floors immediately after installation.  

2. Un-Finished Solid

Like pre-finished solid flooring, our un-finished flooring comes in several different widths. Some homeowners prefer flooring without a finish for a natural look, and we gladly offer options. Additionally, your choice of finishes is endless if you go for the un-finished route. 

3. Engineered

Engineered wood floors are manufactured using multiple layers of wood veneers. This flooring will expand and contract less than solid wood and can be used in homes with slab foundations and in basements. 

4. Laminate 

Laminate flooring, also known as floating wood tile, mimics the look of wood or stone but is made of synthetic materials fused together. Laminate flooring is more cost-effective than natural wood but doesn’t achieve the exact look and feel. However, its benefits include low cost, stain resistance, and easy installation. 

5. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

This kind of vinyl flooring looks like a stone or ceramic tile. Its coloring and surface textures look natural, and it is thick and durable, making it a popular choice. Another great thing about LVT is that installation time is minimal. 

6. Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

Like LVT, this flooring mimics the look of wood planks and can be very durable. We supply options in all species and colors, so you are sure to find what you’re seeking. LVPs are much easier to maintain than natural wood planks but can still give you the look you desire. 

Choosing your flooring can be overwhelming, so let our flooring experts be there to guide you through every step of the process. We know that you want to achieve the right design for your home with a price to fit your budget. Contact the 12th & Oak team today to discuss flooring options for your home.