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Recoat Hardwoods

Recoat Hardwoods

Have your hardwood floors lost some of their original luster? Do you have scratches on the surface of your hardwood? If so, it may be time to recoat your hardwoods. Our one-day Sandless Recoat Process restores the natural luster of your hardwoods.

Over time you can wear down the protective layers on your floor, leaving the hardwood unprotected. By recoating, you can prevent any damage and prolong the life of your floors. Recoating is the process of applying a fresh coat of finish. Unlike refinishing, this process does not begin with removing the old finish. You might recoat to change the color of the floor or to retexture it. Recoating will extend the life of the floor and reduce the number of times you must refinish the floor.

We recommended recoating every few years. This coat illuminates scratches and imperfections on the surface layer and provides an extra layer of protection that can prevent the need for a full re-sand, saving you time and money.

The recoating process is typically performed in one day with minimal interruption of your normal activities. Contact us to learn more about how recoating your hardwood floors may help.