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5 Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

September 20, 2021

Hardwood flooring is appealing to the eye, as well as a wonderful asset to your home. There are endless possibilities for style, functionality, and durability, and hardwoods are often touted as the best flooring you can have. But why? Let’s review some of the key benefits to hardwood flooring. 


The first and most obvious benefit to having hardwood flooring in your home is the aesthetics. Hardwood flooring is eye-catching and gives your home a more open and luxurious look, especially if the flooring extends throughout the entire space. With hardwoods, you’re able to choose from a wide variety of styles, tones, and wood types so the possibilities are endless. If you’re wanting to step up the look and feel of your home, we recommend starting with the flooring. 


Another, more logistical reason to choose hardwood flooring is due to the fact that they last for a long time. If you take proper care of them, you can go 20 or 30 years without having to even refinish, let alone replace, your floors. If you keep up with maintenance, the flooring itself can last you a lifetime. If your hardwoods are in need of a refinish, 12th & Oak can help

Low Maintenance/ Easy Cleaning 

Hardwood floors are relatively low-maintenance and don’t take special tools to clean and maintain. It’s as easy as implementing a weekly sweep and mop and taking care of spills immediately. If you leave a puddle of water on your hardwoods, you could create a water stain which will take more work to fix. 

Better For Your Health

Hardwood floors are much more sanitary than carpeting because they don’t harbor dust and debris in the same way. Carpeting easily traps dust, which can be a contributing factor to breathing problems if not cleaned regularly. 

Adds Value

Hardwood flooring adds value to any home. As we mentioned earlier, they are arguably the most desirable flooring choice and will increase the value of your home when you’re ready to sell. But in the meantime, you’ll surely enjoy them!
So, are you convinced? If so, contact the 12th & Oak team so we can give you the flooring of your dreams.