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About Us

Hardwood Flooring Installation

12th & Oak Floor Co. is a family owned business based out of Clayton, NC and has been in business since 2002.

12th & Oak Floor Co. continues to be on the cutting edge of the hardwood flooring industry. All employees attend training schools yearly to sharpen their skills and keep up with the ever changing techniques, philosophies, and trends in the flooring field. Blog helps our employees stay abreast of the latest developments in the technology world. We are constantly reinvesting and improving the business through the various training schools, certifications, and by using the most advanced equipment in the industry. Many companies have been doing the job the same way for so many years and refuse to learn anything new, but technology has really revolutionized the field in the last few years. So many advances have been made in equipment, finish systems, and adhesives. Rest assured with 12th & Oak you have a company that utilizes the latest tools, most eco friendly finish systems, prestigious industry training, and the highest rated HEPA Dust Containment Systems available to give you the absolute best product that you deserve.

About the Owner

Izral Daniels

I am Izral Daniels the owner of 12th & Oak Floor Co.  While most kids were going to daycare I went to the job site with my father, we did everything from building houses to operating heavy machinery. Being at work with my father from the age of 4 instilled the value of hard work, and created the love I have for building and creating with my two hands. After working with my father it was an easy transition into the hardwood flooring business, and it’s there my passion for all things hardwood increase exponentially. My philosophy has always been “treat every house the same as you would your own” and this is the foundation that 12th & Oak Floor Co. operates on.