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5 Signs You Need to Recoat Your Hardwood Floors

June 23, 2017

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Hardwood floors add a classic look to any home or business, but everyday wear and tear can make them look less than stellar. Recoating your hardwood floors may be a valuable option to those who don’t need the full service refinishing. Unlike refinishing your hardwood floors, recoating is reapplying the finish coat on top of the original without sanding your floors down to the bare wood.

Are you looking for a change or to give your home a facelift? You may consider recoating your hardwood floors to repair minor damages, change the color and texture of the floor, or to reapply the original finish to give your hardwood floors a brand new look.

Here are five signs you need to recoat your hardwood floors.

  • 1) Minor scratches, dings, and dents

It’s bound to happen. Heavy traffic, moving furniture, and other accidents are only a few reasons behind those minor scratches and dings in your floor. Your hardwoods will take a beating over its lifetime, and recoating can repair those minor problem areas. We can give your floors the nice smooth finish that you fell in love with when you first had your hardwoods installed.

  • 2) Fading color

You may have some areas on your hardwoods that look dull or gray, especially around your windows. The UV rays from the sunlight can make the color fade away over time. It may not be a big issue, but it can make your hardwoods look unhealthy. Recoating and applying a new finish can bring your hardwood floors back to life.

  • 3) Hardwoods covered by carpet

Have you decided to pull up the carpet that you had laid over your hardwoods? Or maybe you just moved into a new home that has carpet covering a beautiful hardwood finish. Although the carpet protects the floor from minor damages, the hardwood will need a finish coat applied to give it a nice look.

  • 4) Upgrades or repairs to your floor

Your hardwoods may need a recoat if you have been making any upgrades or repairs to the inside of your home. Whether you want to make your home more attractive or you want to unify your open concept by extending hardwood floors, recoating can be the final touch to bring it all together. Your home will look just as good in the family room as it does when you first walk through the front door.

  • 5) Keep your floors in good condition

You can extend the life of your hardwood floors by recoating them periodically. This will protect them from any minor damages and give them a lasting color. It can also save you a lot of money because refinishing or replacing them will cost you a lot more and will need to be done if your hardwoods are not maintained. It is best to recoat your floors before they start to look bad. We recommend recoating your floors at least every three years, sometimes more often depending on the foot traffic. We find this to be particularly true in family rooms and kitchens. You may want to have them recoated every year to extend the life of your hardwoods.

Fall in love with your floors all over again. Contact us today to learn more about how recoating your hardwood floors can give your home or business an upgraded look. You may qualify for our one-day sandless recoat process with minimal interruptions to your everyday life.