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5 Mistakes We See Homeowners Make with Their Hardwood Floors

September 21, 2020

It’s one thing to have beautiful hardwood floors installed in your home, but it is another thing to keep them in their best shape and help them last as long as possible. You might have already adopted specific cleaning and maintenance methods, which is great if they are the correct ones. However, there are behaviors to avoid when caring for your hardwood flooring that can cause significant damage. 

Here are five mistakes we often see homeowners make with their hardwood floor

1. Using the Wrong Cleaning Methods

The method you use to clean your hardwood floors can either help them last or cause significant damage, so it is essential to be picky about this part. You should avoid using things like soap-based cleaners, wax cleaners, or steam mops. Using these methods will only leave an unwanted residue or cause damage to the wood planks. Instead, it’s best to use a DIY cleaner with ingredients you probably already have around the house.

2. Letting the Floors Receive Too Much Sunlight

Unfortunately, hardwood floors can become damaged if they receive far too much direct sunlight. The damage can only go as far as slight to moderate discoloration, but it can be easily avoided. Curtains or blinds in rooms that receive the most sunlight are always a good idea. While it can take years to see any sunlight damage, it is best to be proactive.

3. Using the Wrong Vacuum Attachments

Did you know that something this simple could be causing significant damage to your floors? Using the brush attachment on your vacuum can cause unsightly scratches in the flooring that can only be resolved by a refinish. Avoid this damage by sweeping your floors instead of vacuuming. It is convenient, but it could cost you in the long run.

4. Skipping Out on a Welcome Mat and Furniture Pads

While these things serve different purposes, they are both essential for homeowners with hardwood flooring. A welcome mat at your front door will keep mud and dirt from tracking through the house, staining and damaging the flooring over time. While this isn’t something most people initially think about, it will help your floors last as long as possible. Furniture pads will help keep your floors from becoming damaged as well. Without furniture pads, your furniture will scratch up the floors, especially when moving it around.

5. Trying to Maintain the Floors Without the Help of a Professional

Hardwood floors aren’t easy to manage unless you are an expert. You’ll need a deep cleaning once a year, a service we happily provide here at 12th & Oak. Don’t wait and give us a call if you are due for a cleaning. 

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