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3 Hardwood Floor Care Tips for Winter

January 10, 2021

Winter is here, and a cold, dry climate is probably coming if it hasn’t already begun in your area. Believe it or not, hardwood floors have different reactions to different climates, and there are specific ways to care for your floors to help them stay in their best shape. Unless you live in a sunny state like California or Florida, you’ll want to listen up for these hardwood floor care tips for winter. 

  1. Avoid damage from rock salt.
Photo by Castorly Stock from Pexels

Rock salt is a beneficial compound that keeps our streets and driveways clear when there is a heavy snowfall or ice storm. But, it can damage your hardwood floors. When you track rock salt in from your shoes, you may leave unsightly stains and scratches on the floor. However, there are several fixes for this issue. An easy preventative measure: have guests and family members remove their shoes before stepping in. Another is to use rugs and mats near entry points into the home. If your flooring has already suffered damage from rock salt, try using vinegar to remove the stains and light scratches. 

2. Keep the heat moderate and use a humidifier.

Keeping your thermostat at a high temperature is tempting when it’s freezing outside, but your hardwood flooring could be suffering. A high heat level inside a home with hardwood flooring could cause moderately severe damage, such as shrinkage or cracks. Avoid this as best as you can, but you might be wondering what you can do if you’ve already made this mistake. We recommend using a humidifier in your home to keep moisture in the air, helping to close any gaps that might have occurred in your hardwoods. 

3. Keep it clean.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but regular cleaning is one of the most important ways to keep your hardwoods in their best shape. When it snows during the winter, mud, salt, and water are bound to get tracked throughout your home, especially with kids and pets. Wipe up any melted snow as soon as you can to avoid staining and damage, and begin a daily and weekly cleaning routine. Our recommendation is to spot clean and sweep daily and deep clean your flooring weekly. 

Now that you have a better idea of how to care for your hardwood floors during winter, they should be in their best shape come spring! Contact the 12th & Oak team for any questions regarding the upkeep of your hardwood floors.